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Snow white  Maxi Tasty White (650g)
Snow white  Maxi Tasty Brown 650g
Custard & Cream Chiffon Cake
Panini Rolls 4 Pack
Banana Loaf 450g
Copy of Queen Chocolate Cake
Queen Chocolate Cake
Queen Cake Single
Potbrood Bread 700g
Portuguese Roll Single
Plain Madeira Cake 350g
Plain Cheese Roll Single
Party Braai Bread 500g
Panini Roll Single
Jam Swiss Roll
Fresh Small French Loaf 200g
Fresh Savoury Scones 4 Pack
Fresh Large 50% Rye Bread 800g
Fresh Large 50% Rye Bread 500g
Fresh Bake Hotdog Buns 354g
Fresh Bake Hamburger Buns 308g
Curry & Cheese Bread Stick
Cupcakes 4 Pack
Coney Roll Single

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